How to manually determine appraised value of Domains

Think from perspective of Domain investor, If you have premium domains and you are confused how much to ask for a domain?, As per domaining standards, asking price is very much important for successful sale. Many deals struck in place due to high asking price. sometimes, sold at low price due to low asking price. To manually calculate exact appraisal value of domains, you need manual Domain value calculator. Here you know How to calculate manually exact appraisal value of domain name. 

Suppose you have a premium domain name and want to sell it, then how will you know how much your domain is worth? It is not an easy task to find out the price or value of a domain and requires gathering, collecting and analyzing of various data collected from the internet to know the actual value of the domain.

Sometimes just knowing our domain  worth may make us feel good without even giving a single thought of selling it. So, the various different factors which help to make up the algorithm to calculate the exact appraisal value of domains :Domain value calculator1. The traffic you are getting is one of the most important factors like daily unique views. Several tools like Alexa, Compete, Google Ad Planner help you to calculate the approximate traffic to keyword daily. The Unique user count is another way of measuring the traffic of a Domain and is used by advertisers or investors to know a domain value manually.

There are tools like semrush and similarWeb which can tell the estimated organic traffic a domain gets. You can also try these tools.

To know the exact traffic over a particular domain, you need Google Analytics which will tell you exact searches you will get over the domain.

2. The domain age is also a factor which affect the value of domain name. Search engines use it for calculation of trust and dependability of a website.

3. The estimated daily advertisement income or domain parking revenue also affect value of domain. Moreover, domain sales history also affect the value like If previous sold price was high then definitely Domain value calculator computes high value, If sold price was low then domain exact value calculator computes low value. 

4. Alexa is one of the most popular website tracker. It measures the sites traffic and helps owners and advertisers to see the true worth and potential. Unfortunately, it doesn't give always correct values because of manipulations. It is a trusted tool and without it, it is difficult to know a domains value. This is also taken in consideration in some cases.

5. The total number of searches a domain has? The more the number of searches, the more will be the value of domain. Moreover, the competition also matters a lot.

6. The domain can also be seen from business prospective. Some domains are having high searches but they are not meant for online business. so, be choosy while buying domain names.

7. Google pagerank, Trust flow, Citiation flow, Domain authority, backlinks profile and Page authority is another determining factor of a domains worth. 

8. The past history of the domain also matters a lot. Suppose, Domain was previously ranking for many keywords. so, the manual value of domain would be on higher side then.

9. The more the quality backlinks, more will be the manual value of domain, The more pages that search engines crawls, the better it is for a domain. So search engine visibility is another important factor for calculating a domain name value manually. 

10. Domain Branding- Social media visibility means visibility on Facebook, twitter etc, also help to appraise your domainsBacklink count or the links that point to your domain from other websites shows the popularity of your site. Low but good quality backlinks are better than poor quality backlinks.

11. The short, remember and pronounable domains have good domain value.

12. Top level domains are having more domain value specially .com domains. .Com > .Net > .Org.

These are points that will manually calculate exact appraisal value of a domain name, The domain value calculator works on such principle points. The best Domain value calculator in market as of now is Estibot Calculator.

If you still not satisfied with the manual exact appraisal value of any domain then you can even email me at-, we will tell you exact manual value of domain name. You can also comment below.

I hope above article on manual Domain value calculator will help you.

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