How to increase Flippa auction Views, Watchers and Bidders?

I can understand that you people are still trying hard to get as many views, watchers and bidders on flippa auction so that it sells for high price. There are lot of things you should take care to showcase your flippa auction. I am sharing some of the points which would help you to gain more watchers and bidders.

It does not matter whether you are buyer or seller. If you are trading domain names then best recommended places are GoDaddy, Sedo, Bido, DNForum but I personally prefer Flippa. I had amazing experience with flippa in selling plenty of premium domain names.

Once your listing is up on flippa, your first concern must be to increase flippa auction views, watchers and bidders. You must market your domains in such a way that your auction stands at top in comparison to other auctions.

The beauty of flippa comes with its simple user-friendly design. Domainers love flippa interface more than any other website. It is very easy to buy/sell domains on flippa. The buying/selling part is simple and easy but main problem comes with standing your listing at top with more active bidders.

How to Increase Active Flippa Watchers and Bidders?

Before you going to list your domain name. Make sure it must be premium domain. Premium domain means it should be with top extension(.com) and not more than 2 words, domain with high volume searches, must resembles with some business, High appraisal value, High ROI etc.

Here are some of the steps you need to follow while making Flippa auction description.

If you ever want to sell any domain, then you must know your asking price. To know actual appraisal price, you can also connect with us.

You need to mention all main points on the top of the auction and represents strong points in bold tags. You also need to structure your every auction within a format so that it would be easier for the buyer to go through the description pitch.

You must have Flippa account with lot of watchers like my account has XXX watchers (right now). Whenever I listed a domain, the notification goes to XXX people watching my flippa auction.

Always capitalize your Listing first word. For eg- should be represented as

If possible, make it as zero reserve (it might be risky) but it would fetch you lot of watchers and bidders as it resembles to others that domain would going to sell for sure as it already met the reserve.

Always end your auction on exact time and date like Wednesday is suitable time to end your auction and always prefer evening time of your preferred audience. Not to add the Buy It Now(BIN) price in advance in start of auction.

Add the BIN (Buy it now) only in last 24-48 hours of the day. Not to add Buy It Now Price on the first day of auction.

If you have money, then you can buy the premium upgrades. Homepage upgrade works well with flippa. I suggest you buy it only during the initial days of auction and at the end days of auction. Latest Homepage upgrade took exactly 3-4 days to disappear from search engine.

Your auction timing Window is for 30 days maximum. Make sure you will get full exposure in terms of Flippa watchers and Bidders.

These are some of the Flippa tips that would help you in getting more bids, views and watchers on your listing. Instead of this, you can to do some outbound marketing to get extra views, watchers and bidders.

The outbound marketing includes Facebook marketing, twitter marketing, whois email marketing etc. I will reveal complete list of outbound marketing in upcoming article.

I hope that above tips would help Flippa users to increase views, watchers and bidders and help them sell flippa auctions at high prices.

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