Flippa Scam- "My Flippa account got banned" Why?

Flippa is marketplace where you can buy and sell domain names. However, from past few months, they made it difficult for everyone to buy and sell domain names. I am sharing many people personal experience with Flippa. Why Flippa is not for sellers and buyers? Why everyone should avoid Flippa? Why it is showing- "Your Flippa account got banned", "Your Flippa Account has been suspended".
I was SuperSeller at Flippa with 31 transactions, valued at $3.9K. My six listings were on auction at $1 and one listing already met the reserve and was about to end. When I woke up in morning- I got this message from Flippa- “Your Flippa Account banned”. It was nightmare for me.
flippa account banned
The message came from Mr Josh (Editor lead on Flippa), Your account has been banned for shill bidding. Moreover, you made some fake sales at flippa. You belong to Indian Gang, who is using Fiverr to get Bids and also mentioned the names of some accounts.

I was surprised to see such email from Flippa as I did not know any of above mentioned user accounts, I even did not have any account at Fiverr and never done any shill bidding on Flippa.

I immediately replied this message to Josh, Kevin and Sid, I was so frustrated that I wrote an rough email with many mistakes( it was emotional email actually) -


Flippa this is wrong that you banned my account without talking to me. I even do not have account at Fiverr, you can check my email address- nmunjal22@gmail.com at any database in fiverr. It is my challenge Josh. I even sold my listings for $1 on flippa. You are working on probabilities only.

It takes me more than 8 months to reach at 31 transactions. It is my hard work of last 8 months.

It is my challenge that please prove that I have been involved in shill bidding. The users “XXXXX”, “XXXXX” and “XXXXXX”, I do not know any of them. I am ready to give my gmail access to you, you can check same from my gmail account. I never expect these fake allegations from Flippa.  Even I am ready to show payment of each sale I made at Flippa.( all are genuine sales).

I have payment invoices of each sale. Not made a single fake sale on flippa. I can show you all if you want. Moreover, it is challenge to prove that I know them. Moreover, you can ask any of them to show  any proof  they have. You are just working on probability basis.

Even Ready to share my phonebook with you. I am disappointed against flippa for fake allegations. Who is the supreme authority on flippa to talk with (please do not take it personally). This is fake allegations against me. I have to prove that I am not wrong here. Please provide me with platform where I can prove that whatever you are saying is all shit against me.

This is not a joke to banned any account and putting fake allegations. Please put my request to Sid Galada and Kevin. I earlier had word with Sid Galada and asked him to take action against shill accounts. I want you to please prove that I have been involved in shill bidding or bring my case to flippa supreme authorities. You can also send vigilance against my account and verify each bids on all the sales I have made.I have invoices and payment of all sales I have made ranging from $1 to $1.1k

Please prove that I have been involved in shill bidding. I also want to talk with you over the phone.

What info you need from my end so that I can prove my point that I never been involved in this. I am ready to co-operate with you.

One more thing, i am ready to sign agreement or contract with Flippa, If you prove that I know any of them- XXXXX, XXXXX and XXXXX and had word with them in past regarding Bidding then I am ready to give you $500 as compensation and In case I prove that I do not know them then Flippa have to give me $500 as compensation for defaming me.

What you say?, Agree?

This allegation is personally hurting me. I have been working on Flippa from last 8 months and you are putting fake allegations on me that I have been involved in shill bidding. I am the first one raising the issue of shill bidding with Sid Galada.

Please investigate further; it might be an error from your end. I am genuine seller( using facebook ads, google adwords ads, twitter, linkedin and facebook to sell my flippa domains. I will show you same and If you want then even give you access of all accounts.

This is email message I sent in frustration with Flippa because I know I have done nothing wrong.  Flippa even not accepted my challenge to sign a contract. Later, I came to know that many other accounts were banned by Flippa.

1 friend of mine called me 2 days later of email and said that Flippa Banned his account, Although, He was not using Flippa from Last 3 months( not even Logged in). 

I was surprised to see, that guy who have not logged in on Flippa from last 3 months and never listed a single auction was banned by Flippa saying that “You have been involved in shill Bidding”.

It is message for everyone who is using Flippa, take care of your account( you never know when Flippa will banned your account by saying that you have been involved in shill bidding). Try to use other platforms for domain flipping. Do not put all your eggs in single basket. I made a mistake by trusting Flippa. I want you to leave the Flippa and Try other portals.

This is article for everyone who is using Flippa, Why Flippa is not for domain trading, why everyone should not use Flippa?

I hope above article will help everyone and create awareness among them.

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  1. Wow, I was actually considering using these guys, thanks for the heads up!