How to get free bulk whois for domain sales?

If you are new into Domain Sales business then I will help you and give you free bulk whois finder for Domain flipping. Now, you can easily sell your domain names using bulk whois finder.

What is Whois? If you want to check who owns a particular domain name then you need to check whois details of that particular domain name. It is checked from, There is restriction that you can check for 1 domain only. For next domain, you have to wait for 30 minutes.

So, here we providing you free whois records in bulk which consists of domain name, domain registrant, Domain registrant address, Domain registrant phone number etc. You can use the email address and phone number to generate domain sales lead.

free bulk whois finder

There are many websites and paid softwares that provide you with bulk whois for domain sales but here you are getting free bulk whois for domain sales.

Domain Sales using Bulk Whois

Many who are new into Domain flipping want to know how to use Bulk whois records effectively to sell domain names. I used the whois records effectively and sold several domains using it.

The best way is to get the email address and phone number then makes a list of working email address and phone number then matches the keywords in url with your domain name. If it is matching then start preparation for Domain Name Sales email pitch.

Prepare Domain Sales email pitch and send emails to whois records you have. Send emails to all the whois. After a week, send them emails again with followup.

If you found some whois records very potential then do call them as you are having their phone number as well. This is the best way to sell domains using bulk whois records.

How to get Free Bulk Whois for Domain Sales?

I am providing you free 250 whois records for domain flipping. If you need more whois records then you need to buy the premium service where we are providing you more than 500 to 1000 whois records for just $10.

The users from USA are provided with some discount. We can even waive fee for users who are having some financial problem.  We want to educate people about domain flipping. Yes, people can sell their domain names using free bulk whois finder.

In order to avail the free 200 bulk whois records, you can email us at with your domain. We will provide you with email address, domain names, phone numbers and address of domains matching with your keyword.

I hope article on Free bulk whois for Domain sales will help people in domain flipping.

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