How to sell domains through Google Adwords ads?

I am into domain flipping and selling domains on daily basis. So, I always try some experiments for flipping domain names. I even tried Google Adwords ads for selling my own domains. So, know how to sell domains through Google Adwords Ads.

I do not need to introduce Google Adwords, I am assuming that everyone is knowing about Google Adwords. People get keyword searches from Google Adwords keyword planner but here I am not talking about keyword planner tool for Google Adwords as a particular. I am taking much bigger picture in consideration.

sell domains Google adwords ads

Google Adwords is paid tool through the help of which you can get paid ranking on search engines and some websites.  With search engine, I mean launching search networks ads. With display networks, I mean putting ads on some websites. There are other options as well like shopping ads, video ads and mobile ads.

It is on user to select which ads he/she wants to launch for Domain Sales through Google Adwords.  Usually, my preference is search networks ads only which is visible on search engine only.   For me, these ads are doing the trick as many people are looking for some keywords on search engine before buying domains. So, Search engine targeting always converting well for me.

Suppose you have domain- and you want to sell it through Google Adwords ads then either make a list of keywords which works well with your auction, It may be like this-
“Buy Music Related Domains”, “Music Related Domains” “Buy Premium Domains” “Buy Startups Names” etc. Options are many, it is on user which keywords, he/she wants.

The next step is to launch the search network campaign for particular audience like your audience is from USA and Canada then location would be USA and Canada. If you are selling some geographical based domain then location should match to that location.

Apart from location, also set the preferred language and launch the campaign. Wait for some days and hopefully, you will get some hot leads.

I am sharing my experience with you- How I sell premium domains with Google adwords ads. I pick similar keywords matching my domains and then make a list of these keywords and pick similar websites then check for their whois details.

Once I get whois details then I make a list of email addresses, here is way to buy Whois records for Domain Sales. Show ads only to people with above email address. In this way, it is easy to sell domain names through Google adwords ads.

I sell around 4 premium domains using this way. It needs a lot of patience. As you have to wait for long time to get some domain sales lead through Google Adwords ads. The pricing of the lead generated through Google adwords is very high (I do not know the reason) but all leads generated through Google adwords ads was of very high value.

I hope above information on “How to sell domains through Google Adwords ads?” would help you.

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