Why to Avoid Flippa for domain flipping?

Flippa board is full of scams, spams and complaints regarding discrimination they do with their customers. Some Editors are providing free upgrade coupons to their friends. Some listings are provided with Tag- “Editor Choice Listings”. Even though, they do not deserve to be in Editor list.

I was a previous Flippa Member with 31 transactions, Flippa banned my account without any cause so I decided to create awareness in the people. why it is mandatory to avoid Flippa for domain flipping.
Flippa account suspended

1. Flippa is full of shill bidding, what people do? Pick a domain and start doing shill bidding from 5-6 accounts from different locations so as to stand their listing in “Most Active”. Many people make groups in Fb, Linkedin, Fiverr and GooglePlus to bid on each other listings.

Most Active section of Flippa is all fake and no listing deserve to be in Most Active.

I have seen many US sellers doing shill bidding on each other accounts and yet their accounts are operating because they are very close to supreme authority (Flippa Editors). Thus, Flippa ignore them.

A lot of complaints, scams and spams happened at flippa.

2. One of the another scam is credit card chargeback. Seller sells something and buyer bought the domain through flippa via Paypal. After sometime, the buyer filed Credit card chargeback by saying that- “He/she did not do the transactions, someone did the transaction from their card. Thus, paypal does not support virtual Goods and services. Thus, you will be scammed on Flippa. Although, you paid the Flippa success fee on time.

3. Not to buy Flippa upgrades, the upgrades are all scams, ask from others before buying any upgrade from flippa. They claimed to offer more bids on auction but auction ends unsold with more views only. I tried all upgrade Flippa listings, No Flippa listing worth to buy. It ends up burning $350 or $250 on flippa upgrades.

4. Flippa editors are discriminating with sellers, some sellers are provided special privileges of coupons/ credits so that they can sell listing at high prices, it is only for people who are close to Flippa Editors.

5. Flippa is only to make false promises and main aim is to burn the hard earned money of Flippers. They used to charge high fee for upgrades, listings and success, which is not worthy.

If you are planning to use Flippa for domain flipping then avoid flippa as it is full of scammers, spammers and fake people. A lot of complaints are already there on internet.

I hope above information will help people to avoid Flippa as a platform. 

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