Why to buy Short Top level domains?

Many people want to buy short top level domains because maximum investors invest in top level domains only. If you want to learn Domain Flipping, then you must have short top level domains with you that represents online business orientation.

The best top level domains, that are doing good in market is- .com, .net and .org. I prefer to buy only .com domain as it is exceptional branding in comparison to other top level extensions.

Most of the brands always prefers top level domains and some of them are already using them. Now, the question is- "Why to buy short top level domains?"

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Here is my bit of background search on top level domains-Short top level domains

There are several generic top level domain extensions released on daily basis but I am not taking them in my consideration. I am focusing on .com, .net and .org only. Here are the answers why you need to buy short top level domain extensions for domain sales-

Branding Protection

Many of brands are already setup with .com and there are controversies with some new gTLD’s domains that same name appears in the URL of new domains, these looks similar with the brand. So, to differentiate brand names with new gTLD, the brand always prefers .com domains.


Top level domains like .com and .org represents companies because of their age factor and release date.

Companies cannot invest in brand top level domains just to sell them. They invest in TLD’s to run their own business.

SEO Advantage 

The more the age of the domain, the more will be the ranking.

Top level domains like .com, .org and .net come earlier. Thus, there is no uncertainty about the search performance of domain over search engine. No reason to fear to buy top level domains as they process inherent SEO advantage.

Easy to Remember 

The short Top level domains are easy to remember and pronounceable. Thus, users can easily enter the short TLD domains in address bar and access the 
domain name. Thus, domain flipping industry is looking after such short TLD’s.

There are companies offering new extensions for new businesses but I suggest to stick with the basics. It is very much difficult to sell generic top level domain extensions. So, that’s why it is better to invest in short top level domains.

I hope that above information on “why to buy short top level domains?” will going to help you in long run. If you are in domain flipping industry, then you must know why not to buy generic top level domains.

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