Why Flippa Editor Choice Listing is a scam fraud?

Have you seen domain section of Flippa, particularly Flippa Editor choice section? Do you think all domains listed in Editor Choice Listings are worthy or not? Flippa Editor Choice Listing is fraud way to promote the listings of people who are very close to editors.

I had earlier exposed that how Flippa editors offers free coupons to some sellers. Why to avoid Flippa. Now, I am exposing their Editor Choice Listing.

Before we start, let me tell you how people finds Flippa-

If you want to setup any new business then you need a domain to start with. While checking for some unique domain name, you often come across a website named as flippa which is claiming as a best platform for domain and website buying and selling.

After landing at Flippa, you might be impressed with navigation and layout, which is very attractive and user friendly in comparison to other platforms. You thought of giving it a trail.

You finally decided to buy some domains at flippa, these are some sections at flippa, Most Active, Editor Choice, Ending soon, All and Promoted etc.

Except “Ending Soon”, all other section seems to me bogus and fraud. I am going to tell in detail about each section.

Promoted- Only For paid upgrade listings

Most Active- the section works with Number of bids, the listing with most number of bids will be on top and followed by other listings with bids.

Editor Choice Listing-  Flippa editors choose some so called premium domains/websites and put those domains in Editor choice Listings. Believe me, some of the domains are totally crap. They are pushed into Editor section only through editors.

Let me show you some samples of the same.

Screenshot of the same listing is given below, Do you think the domains like this deserves to be in “Flippa Editor Choice” listings.
Flippa Editor Choice
Another listing is provided below, I do not think it should be editor choice Listing.

The screenshot of same is given below.
Flippa Editor Choice

Flippa is all manipulative and help their favourite sellers to sell the listings by tagging them in Editor choice Listing.

You will notice a lot of listings in flippa which deserves to be in Editor choice but flippa did not included them in list.

If you think, your flippa auction should be in editor choice auction then share your experience with us.

Note: The purpose of the article is to create awareness among individuals, how big brands are promoting everything without taking care of end audience. We are only criticizing a fraud/scam in Editor choice Flippa listing. 

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