Crackers coin review- High POS coin with 65% APR, low supply

Have you seen Crackers coin in coinexchange? You want to buy the coin but not sure whether to invest in coin or not?

Here I am taking genuine reviews for Crackers coin, complete details are given below-
Crackers coin- Crackers will be new innovative blockchain found in 2017-2018 for payment options for festivals to convince websites to use crackers coin as their payment options.

Why to buy Crackers coin?

I bought Crackers coin few days and staking it in wallet and getting 5.41 percent on monthy basis. It is best to invest in the coin. Moreover, coin supply 148 million as per Crackers explorer as of now.

You can easily get more profits easily as less supply is circulated in the market. You can even check top wallets.

High POS coin with 65% staking per annum.
I have some many pimps for Crackers every month.
First pimp- 24th January 2018
Second pimp-3-4 times February 2018
Third pimp- 5-6 times March 2018
Fourth pimp- 3-4 times April 2018
Fifth pimp- 1-2 times May2018
Sixth pimp-1-2 times June 2018

Dates are not in approximations, it is my recommendation for Crackers, See How much coins I am holding for staking as of now. I already made profit in Crackers coin that’s why I am suggesting this coin.

Moreover, if I calculate maths for supply and price then anything below 10 sats will be good price to buy this coin.

Note: This is for investment, it is not for Traders. Suppose, you buy it 4 sats and then sold it for 16 sats then you can four times you money instantly.

Where to buy the coin?

You can buy coin from coinexchange market, as for your reference, I am giving you the link below-

Why not to buy Crackers coin?

Community is not active here. Moreover, coin is not listed on coinmarketcap.

Volume is usually on lower side

These are the reasons, not to buy the coin.

Crackers coin specs-

Before investing in any coin, make sure to check for total supply, circulating supply and max supply, always check whether the algorithm is proof of stake( POS) or proof of work( POW).

Crackers coin supply
Crackers algorithm- script
POS Year- 65%
POW Blocks 10k
Maturity 5 blocks
Timespan- 1 block
Block Rewards- 1205 coins

Maximum supply- 632625000

The coin is among the best high POS coins of 2018. You can say best POS coins for June- July 2018. I hope you like an unbiased review for Crackers coin 2018. If you have any questions then you can drop comment below.

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