SBIT StackBIT coin review- High 900% APR POS Proof of stake coin

StackBIT ( SBIT) is new innovative blockchain project which was started with hydrid POW and POS. SBIT coin offers 900% staking per annum. It is not only a trading coin but also a good option to stake in your wallet. You will be earning more coins in a stake.

Why to buy SBIT StackBIT coin?

Suppose you bought 1 million coins from coinexchange  at 4 satoshi’s  at 250 USD and stake it for next 4 months.
SBIT StackBIT staking
Your stake will be compounded for next 4 months becomes near about 9.3 million.
SBIT StackBIT staking
If you sell 9.3 million coins at same price of 4 satoshi then you will get 2.3k USD. See this is what happened with high POS staking coins like SBIT.
SBIT StackBIT staking
SBIT StackBIT staking
It is available at very low price, you can easily buy it from coinexchange and earn that much money from staking. I already made a lot of money from high staking coins and will share my case studies later on.

Even I bought the coin at 8 satoshi and now staking in SBIT wallet, you can check my staking wallet below-
SBIT StackBIT staking

Where to buy SBIT StackBIT coin?

It is available on coinexchange, all you need to do is to create account at coinexchange, Transfer your BTC there and buy number you want to buy. Once you bought coins, transfer them to SBIT official wallet and start staking.

In order to buy the coin, you can check the link given below-

Why not to buy the coin?

I personally donot find any valid reason, why not to buy this coin.

Volume of this coin is usually on lower side. Thus, people usually invest in coins with more volume. Moreover, supply is 18 billion.

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SBIT StackBIT review specs

Circulating supply is 616 million as per SBIT explorer.
Maximum supply is 18 billion.
Current price- 3 satoshi
POS Rewards Year- 900% annum

It is worthy to invest in the coin right now. Moreover, coin is more than a trading coin.
Moreover, if I calculate supply vs price economics then anything below 5 sats will be good price to buy this coin.

It is among the top high POS coins for june- july month. If you have any questions then you can comment below.

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