Top Best High POS Proof of stakes coins 2018

Are you looking to earn from Proof of stake coins and searching for coins with high POS daily rate? There are many such coins available in the crypto world but it is not an easy task to find all coins at the same place. So, Here I am helping my readers with top best High POS proof of stakes coins in 2018.

In this post, I am only providing high POS coins with high annual rates. You people can invest in these coins and earn high staking rewards. Let’s started with best staking coins in 2018

TIGC coin

High ROI investment for crypto lovers, TIGC is full-fledged POS coin providing high POS proof of stake rewards.

Max Staking Rewards- 1500% annum

Max supply- 2500000000
Tigc coin POS staking
Staking Rewards

0-20000 blocks- 100%
20001-40000 blocks- 250%
40001-60000 blocks- 500%
60001-80000 blocks- 750%
80001-120000 blocks- 1000%
120001-140000 blocks- 1250%
140001-160000 blocks- 1500%
160001-180000 blocks- 1000%
180001-200000 blocks- 500%
200001- end- 100%

If you want to buy the coin, you can buy it from here-

Woman Coin

The coin is listed on multiple exchanges; it is also high POS coin. It is a coin for women. They want to accept Women coin as their official payment method for every service.

Staking Rewards- 1000% annum

Vulcano coin

The coin is listed on coinexchange exchange, it is also high POS coin. They want to build a safe digital environment to grow your assets through high staking rewards.

Staking Rewards- 950% annum

StackBit(SBIT) coin

It is listed with coinexchange and it is pure high staking coin

Staking Rewards- 900% annum

sbit staking Stackbit
Thunderstake coin

Staking Rewards- 900% annum

Rain coin

Rain p2p network coin with high POS rewards

Staking Rewards- 200% annum

Housing coin

Staking rewards- 70% annum

Housing staking pos

Version coin

Staking rewards- 60% annum

Crackers coin

It is listed on coinexchange and coin used as payment method for festivals. You can even check Crackers coin review

Staking Rewards- 65% annum

Crackers staking
These are the coins providing high POS proof of stake rewards to crypto lovers.

How to invest in High POS coins?

There are so many things you need to check while investing in high POS coins. Some of the things are given below-

Check for monthly staking rewards
Check for Past price, present price and keep future price assumptions in mind
Check for maximum supply, circulating supply and total supply.
Check for exchanges where it is listed
Check for monthly volume
Check whether coin is listed with coinmarketcap or not?
Check for ideal time investment in POS coins.

I hope you like reading an article on best high POS proof of stake coins in 2018.

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