Arun Kumar Chaudhary- Bitcoin Scammer Alert! BTC online Fraud

This post is to expose another scammer or online fraud, who is doing bitcoin fraud with online users. His name on Aadhar card is “Arun Kumar”, his facebook profile and whatsapp says “Arun Chaudhary”.

This person scammed me 20000 INR on 21th August. I was already scammed by Ravi Teja, director of Sran technology for 94000 INR. After days of scam, a new online scammer came in light fame.

When I was looking to buy some bitcoins, He Arun Chaudhary messaged me on 7th August 2018 regarding bitcoins, He wants to do face to face deal with me.

He showed me some screenshots from his Zebpay wallet. The screenshot is given below-

Zebpay online scammer

I was already scammed online. So, I agree to do face to face deal. We decided to meet at Saket metro station New Delhi but when day came, he sent me photos of his accident.

After seeing his photo, we postponed the plan. He said me to come to his place and provided me “kankarkhera” address in Meerut. It takes around 4 hours from my home to reach there.

His Facebook profile says that He is from rohini new delhi

I asked for his Aadhar card, which is showing some other address details

So, I asked him for 2000 INR BTC first, he said me; it will incur double transaction fee from Zebpay for 2 transactions. So, better to pay once, he convinced me for 20000 INR deal.

I then transferred 20000 INR to him in hope to get bitcoin from him. Here is a screenshot of it-

arun kumar chaudhary fraud

Once he received the payment, He sent me the screenshot that he was doing the transaction, I waited for 30 minutes and asked for transaction id/ Hash id from him, He said he does not know how to find transaction id, following some messages on Whatsapp, he finally blocked me

His mobile number-08860158789

My purpose of writing about “Arun Kumar” or Arun Chaudhary is to expose him so that others will not get scammed. Arun Kumar is fraud online scammer who scams people for bitcoins.

This is 2nd time, I am scammed.

Note: God will not spare you, what you do is what you get, Bad Karma will return for sure.

If you are scammed online then you can also share your story in comments. I hope above post on Bitcoin scammer “Arun Kumar” or “Arun Chaudhary” will help you.

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