Block66 Token Review- Mortgage lending platform on Blockchain Technology

Ever thought of acquiring your own mortgage but got barred by the long and tedious process that it is involved in the process? Then you have every reason to smile now with the Block66 token.

Block66 Token review- Mortgage lending platform powered by Blockchain Technology
With Block66, you are sure to get all your mortgage loans easier than ever before. This article will answer the question, what is Block66 and what it has to do with mortgages. It will also enlighten you about the Block66 operation and give you a reason why should worry no more about the long tedious process involved in acquiring loans for your mortgage.

What is Block66?

Block66 advocates themselves as a new mortgage lending platform that uses blockchain technology to increase efficiency and transparency. Block66 helps to reduce all the documentation involved in acquiring loans for mortgages and also increase efficiency in the whole system both to the lender and the borrower.

Block66 B66 token review

What this means is that with Block66, institutions will now be able to lender loans to a wider range of borrowers more securely and easier than ever before. So how does it happen? Block66 uses smart contracts to facilitate the lending of loans quicker and more efficiently.

With the use of crypto and blockchain technology, the Block66 token will ensure that the issuing fees are reduced making it an even more attractive for money lending institutions to offer loans. Banks are known to cause all the delay before issuing a loan. But now the use of cryptocurrencies will overcome the need to use bank accounts and also reduce the risk involved in lending money.

But ,why Mortgages lending platform?

What most people are not yet aware of is that investors are now moving their eyes from another form of investments to mortgages. It is estimated that in the US about 21 % of individuals have an outstanding home loan.

Block66 aims to solve this problem by issuing mortgages loans on Blockchain. This loans will be reflected on DTF bank( digital trust fund). This will ensure that the lenders will be able to have a proof-of-loan and eventually lower the barriers to the small investors who wish to invest in mortgages. The lenders will trade the proof-of-loan with the tokens on a platform such as Brickblock for virtue proprietary exchange.

Block66 will introduce an efficient application and automate the whole process which would have otherwise caused delay and a more lengthy process in normal situations.

Why Block66 for Mortgages?

According to its developers, Block66 aims to be one of the most sophisticated mortgage loans lending platform in the world. It shows a promising future where there will be efficient storage of mortgage documents in the Blockchain which will provide more transparency and authenticity in the whole system.

How does Block66 work?

Block66 will have their platform on the Ethereum Blockchain as a dApp which will lead each user as they take action in the facilitation of the loan process. Because auditability is key in loan processing, the applicants will create a proof-of-loan which will create unchangeable records that are auditable for the loan.

The platform also verifies the identity of the borrower by using third-party Application programming interface to ensure that there are no instances of fraud in the application. This gives a total transparency assurance in the whole system.

When it comes to loan repayment, Block66 will create accounts for crypto exchanges. These accounts will be used to repay loans after the borrower gets the mortgage using B66 token. They will also act as a link between the Ethereum system in block66 and the banking system. You can get more of this from Block66 whitepaper by checking here-

Where to buy Block66 B66 tokens?

Block66 produces network tokens which are sold to other platform participants. Users on the platform have to pay fees to have the market activity for the tokens. Block66 tokens will be used by the company to raise and pay for services on the network. They thus act as a revenue for the company.

Before buying B66 token, Take a look at token and budget allocation given below-

Block66 B66 token allocation

Block66 is expected to set the prices, its B66 tokens will be sold at its platform. The tokens held by the platform remain 40% for block66 and 10% for the team and advisors in block66. A share of 33 % will be made to the public. You can visit blockchain66 for more information about their tokens, website-

Block66 is surely the future to the next blockchain enabled mortgages. If you want to buy B66 tokens then you also need to visit the website.

I hope you like reading information on Block66 token review.

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