DriveHolic DRVH Token review- Secure Vehicle marketplace powered by Blockchain

Every day new Blockchain based tokens are released in the market with real use cases. One such exciting project is knocking our doors i.e. Driveholic DRVH token, which is blockchain based peer to peer vehicle marketplace.

DriveHolic DRVH token review- Secure Vehicle based marketplace

DriveHolic is escrow based secure social marketplace where buyers and sellers can buy and sell vehicles and come together to make a deal through secure escrow system.

Here, you can buy and sell vehicles especially cars using DRVH cryptocurrency. It overcomes restriction and limitations of fiat currency and geographical locations.

DRVH DriveHolic Token review

People are facing trouble to deal with other countries because of currencies, locations and no secure, transparent escrow system is available. So, I personally think DriveHolic DRVH token is a great marketplace to bridge the gap between vehicle buyers and sellers.

Every token is run by the active community, proactive team. DVRH team consists of experienced people with a proven track record; they are people with comprehensive experience in the automobile industry. With such an experienced team, a project is expected to be skyrocket.

It is project with great potential; you can check the active community from telegram channel- DRVH Telegram channel , DRVH telegram group

Final Verdict- I personally recommend DriveHolic DRVH coin to investors because it laid a great foundation of a secure automotive marketplace which is empowered with Blockchain.

Moreover, DRVH coin is suggesting a real user case where you can trade cars with DRVH tokens on DriveHolic marketplace.

DriveHolic DRVH token- Outline of Social Vehicle marketplace

Now, you can easily buy your dream car with crypto, yes you heard right. DriveHolic DRVH token made it possible.

DriveHolic goal is to create a blockchain enabled peer to peer vehicle marketplace where buyer and sellers can use a common system to jointly make deals through cryptocurrency, The deals can be made in an encrypted manner, it is a revolutionary platform which will be going to transform the automobile industry.

Here how this decentralized social marketplace can bring revolution in the automobile industry-

Buy/Sell auction- DriveHolic provides you with a platform where you can buy, sell, list or auction used and new cars, it is available for the world and leverage with blockchain technology.

It is a social blockchain enabled marketplace where you can pay with cryptocurrency and get your desired car with low transaction fees with secure payment processing feature.

The concept of decentralization makes it a global platform with no graphical limits. It also eliminates the middleman. It also merges the social interactions and trading in a single platform, before making a trade, you can interact with over social media module and get complete insights/reviews of the product.

It will be a pleasing trading experience to trade through Driveholic DRVH token.

Why DriveHolic DRVH Vehicle Marketplace is mandatory?

Classical system of online vehicle trading includes so many limitations; This Blockchain enabled DRVH system added more features to the marketplace. Here we are covering why Drive DRVH marketplace is mandatory for vehicle traders.

Secure payment- The use of smart contracts makes it more secure. Thus, transactions between buyers and sellers are safer now.

Low Transaction fee/ Low Cost- It removes the middleman. Moreover, DRVH token generates a low transaction fee, If you trade with DRVH token, it will be free for you.

Global payment system- The payment can be made through DVRH token which removes the geographical boundaries, you can pay for a vehicle using DVRH cryptocurrency

Better User experience- The Driveholic marketplace is included social plus trading module, where you can make interactions with others and make a trading decision later on. There is nowhere dealing with cash payment. Thus, overall user experience has been more pleasing.

Seamless and secure transactions- Blockchain technology itself comes with transparency and more security. Thus, it uses an openly distributed ledger to ensure secure registry of every transaction.

Ensure Transparency- There are rumor reports that are coming that marketplace will also have the feature of tracking the history of a vehicle, with Driveholic community, Users can get the history of the vehicle, They are ready to confirm the history of each partner for making a transparent vehicle history report.

DriveHolic DRVH Token Distribution specifications

DriveHolic team will distribute 900 Million DRVH tokens, They will going to airdrop 900 million tokens to Genesis snapshot addresses with more than EOS tokens with 1.1 ratio.
  • Token name- DriveHolic
  • Symbol name- DRVH token
  • Address:0x62D4c04644314F35868Ba4c65cc27a77681dE7a9
  • Snapshot: Genesis

The DRVH distribution is as follows-

DRVH token supply

DriveHolic DRVH token Roadmap

The company already started his roadmap-
  • 2018 Quarter 1- Launch a social networking platform
  • 2018 Quarter 2- Bounty Live
  • 2018 Quarter 3- Airdrop
  • 2018 Quarter 4- Launch marketplace
  • 2019 Quarter 1- Launch marketplace

How to buy DriveHolic DRVH Token?

In order to buy this DRVH token, you need to connect with the company.

You need to check the website here- DriveHolic DRVH or here-

I hope you like reading a review on DriveHolic DRVH token.


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