Food Safety Solidity DApp idea on Helios Protocol Platform powered by Blockchain

Helios Protocol Platform review
Let me start with Helios Protocol Platform first- The independent platform which is made up of a large number of blockchains connected through a DAG. When any transaction takes place, it is added to Blockchain of sender and receiver. Thus, blockchains of others remain unaffected; this allows concurrent transactions with fast processing and effective efficiency.

Helios Platform solutions are improving existing systems and use of solidity language will enable more adaption of it to existing dApps. The platform can improve systems like governance, finance, energy sector, supply chain, healthcare and social networking.

Food Safety Solidity DApp idea on Helios Protocol Platform

Helios Protocol is running a bounty to come up with an idea for a Solidity DApp to be run on the Helios Platform. So, here I am coming with Idea of implementing supply chain for Food Safety.

Food Safety Implementation using Helios Protocol Platform

“Safe Food Save Lives”

Helios food safety dapp review

We are noticing so much food safety issues such as contamination, and spreading of foodborne diseases, waste of funds, Lack of tracing data etc.

It takes weeks and even months to identify the source of contamination. Due to contamination, more people become sick, companies lost revenues and even food is wasted as well.

As per CDC, it takes 2 months to identify farm source of contaminated papayas.

1/10 people fall ill and roughly 420,000 people die due to contaminated food as per World Health Organization data.

Helios Protocol is fast and efficient. It will reduce the time; it takes to eradicate the source of contamination.

Using Blockchain technology, Helios Solidity Dapp can trace the contaminated product, its source and ensure the safe removal of the same from stores and restaurants.

Food safety issue is addressed using more transparency during transactions.

I suggest Food Safety Solidity Dapp is will be perfect to address this global issue of Food Safety.

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