HeartBit Review- ECG Monitoring system empowered by Blockchain Technology

HeartBit will revolutionize the Healthcare industry with IT monitoring. It is 3 lead bipolar electrocardiography technology integrated with artificial intelligence and empowered by Block Chain. It is a fitness suite which consumers can leverage to achieve desired physical activities goals and a safe Heart status.

HeartBit review- How ECG Monitoring system works?

It is a 3 lead bipolar electrocardiography system empowered with Blockchain technology and will surely revolutionize the way IT monitoring works by below mentioned means:

  • Easy access to Centralized dashboards
  • Backup status can be tracked easily and efficiently
  • Security – a most crucial role is maintained via SSL/TSL protocols

Thus, we can undoubtedly say, HeartBit is need of an hour.

Now, let’s take a high-level overview, how this will revolutionize the healthcare industry or we can say, it has already been started making differences in the life of people.

Heartbit Hbit token review

Revolutionized server monitoring – This will change the way of monitoring the data. Earlier, monitoring requires manual installation of agents for each and every server, agents installed and configured manually and works on each metric.

Moreover, the pricing is also calculated on basis of per metric. Here HeartBit comes with a complete package where you needn’t install and configure each and every server manually, you can configure them easily. Thus, it also reduces the overall cost, human efforts and time.

It offers powerful Windows Domain environment deployment tool which allows automatic installation of agents. So, it is easy to access informative dashboards for the better view of status.

Heartbit follows a unique approach to interact with customers and apply the best innovative solution, which in turn will improve Backup Monitoring. It provides centralized and simple access to dashboard, where backup history can be checked and detailed information about the backup can be retrieved. Heartbit is even compatible with various backup software..

The overall access time has been fastening after this, the features are saving valuable time, now tasks can be performed within time without any constraints.

The complete security of the monitoring system has been improved using Blockchain. Now, we can secure the transmission of data using SSL/TLS protocols.

You can even adapt to remote control version with SNMPv3.

It also includes features of anti-virus with an auto-updating facility to fix bugs and errors through auto-update manager.

HeartBit company is offering Beta Version for free. You can get it from this link -HeartBit website

Verdict- I recommend this revolutionary IT monitoring tool for the Healthcare sector.

Why HeartBit is mandatory for ECG monitoring?

There are many such monitoring systems available in the market which lacks basic features and doesn’t fulfill the requirements. So, Heartbit began this project, in order to make a product which is feasible for Healthcare and Fitness industry at the same time.

Heartbit new approach of monitoring will ease and simplify customer usage. HeartBit can become a necessity in coming times for ECG monitoring because of below reasons :

Server monitoring takes a lot of time because manual agent’s installation is available. It makes server monitoring difficult and time-consuming

You cannot handle all server activities from one place (Dashboard). Here you will get alerts and notifications on dashboard and access all features from a centralized location.

Lack of security protocols- Blockchain technology addresses this issue

Earlier systems are expensive to use- HeartBit reduces the overall cost.

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HeartBit Partnership with Big Players

The company already partners with IBM Watson and Grand Thornton.

HeartBit with IBM announced ECG monitor that keeps checking cardiac problems and generate around 10,000 data points per second. Company did a partnership with IBM for leveraging their cloud and integrating Watson technology.

A new device is announced which is a wearable electrocardiogram( ECG) that measures heart electrical signals and detect potential anomalies, if any and notify users with warning signs immediately.

They also make ECG profile of users and help them optimize it by giving required exercises. It optimizes by telling when to slow down or when to push it harder or when to stop your activity.

The purpose of ECG monitor is to ensure that your heart gives the best performance.

HeartBit wearables

It includes these features-

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.
  • High Frequency Measurements.
  • Real-Time Data tracking.
  • Personalized, Accurate Environment sensor 

HeartBit(HBit) Token release

HeartBit Company is also going to release their token in the market. It is my personal opinion; this project will be really a hit in the market. As it has a real use case of Heartbit(HBit) coin.

Company has already specified their roadmap on an official website, which is going to start from the year, 2019.

Before going to buy this coin, I suggest users read the whitepaper of HeartBit coin.

You can read and download the whitepaper from here- HeartBit whitepaper

HeartBit(HBit) Token Allocation

The tokens are allocated as follows-

  • 70% circulating supply.
  • 20% partner equity reserve.
  • 5% advisors and token bounty.
  • 5% liquidity reserve

How to buy HeartBit( Hbit) token?

Before buying this token, you need to know coin review, team and community involvement-

I already specified about the work team is doing behind the curtains.

You can know about the team from here- https://token.theheartbit.com/

The community is quite active and you can know about it from telegram group, check Heartbit telegram group.

Please follow Telegram for updates. Token sale starts this summer.

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