IceBreakerAR IBAR token review- Augmented Reality based All in One social network

We know that social networks are known for generating high revenue and user base. There are so many social networks available for users and each of them is addressing the specific interest-based audience. IceBreakerAR solves the problem of using all social networks for a specific interest. It uses blockchain and augmented reality to unifying a single social network for networking, dating, and friends.

IceBreakerAR IBAR token review- All in one Augmented Reality social network

IceBreakerAR Review- It is a blockchain based social network which has features of dating, friends and group networking. The platform is also integrated with augmented reality which makes it unique from other social networks. It gives new user experience to social network users which no other platform offered yet.

IcebreakerAR IBAR token review

We know how sensitive relationships are? It does not matter whether the relationship is personal or professional, we need a strong platform where interaction between one, two or more people should serve the purpose and does not complicate the relationships.

The company also launched a brand new ICE token, named as IBAR for this platform which helps people to establish relationships and living a more meaningful life with your connections, it is available with a social app( both Android and ioS) which is built with blockchain technology.

The project is backed by a team of professional advisors and experienced developers with past proven record, Community is active as well.

Final Verdict- IceBreakerAR does have competitors that offer the same value composition but share the same business model. I personally love this project because it is all in one social network which is for dating, making friends, networking and group connections. Moreover, users can also enjoy retail discounts.

Why no other social network is like IceBreakerAR?

IceBreakerAR offers more security to personal data where you have access to revoke for what you do not want others to see. Moreover, you control the information you want to share with others. Here you have full control over the information.

It displays more filtered matched results which are displayed in AR fashion where you can customize your avatars. The more dynamic canvas are provided to avatars, which is the best way to express your innovation.

It fulfills all interaction and social needs such that if you are looking for long-term relationship, a casual date or business meeting or friendly conversation on a common platform.

Users can also earn IceBreakerAR ICE or IBAR tokens, to level up their avatars, viewing AR advertisements, interacting with others, redeeming discounts and attending events.

It is a win situation for retail partners and users as well. The users will be benefitted from retails discounts whereas retailers can increase their sales.

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Where to buy IceBreakerAR IBAR token?

Before buying IceBreakerAr IBAR token, I suggest users go this information.

IceBreakerAR IBAR token specs

  • Token symbol- IBAR Token
  • Total tokens- 300 million
  • Token price- .09 usd
  • Private token start date- 15th may 2018
  • Private token end date- 31st July 2018
  • Pre- ICO start date- 1st August
  • Pre-ICO end date- 14th August
  • ICO start date- 15th August
  • ICO end date- 5th September
  • Soft cap- 3 million USD
  • Hard cap- 17.9 million USD
  • Payment accepted- BTC, ETH, LTC and Fiat

Note: all unsold tokens will be burned.

You can buy Icebreaker IBAR token by visiting this website-

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