Legends coin review- Preordering, Staking, buying at 999% APR, Low supply now

Legends coin preordering is going on. You guys can directly buy and book the coin easily through Domainslawn. It is proof of stake coin which yields rewards of 999% per annum. So, it is worthy to invest in this staking coin.

Legends coin review- POS 999 APR, current supply, total supply

Legends coin is offering 999% per annum staking rate which is best in the market. It is a new coin which is accepting preordering. Thus, it is the last chance to buy this coin before entering the market. Current supply while writing this post is 23 million only. It is the best time to get enter in this coin.

People always looking for some passive income by investing in cryptocurrency, it is one such project where you can easily generate passive income. Before going into the details why you buy this coin, I am sharing legends coin specifications-

Legends coin staking

Legends coin specifications

Name- Legends coin
Website- http://legends-coin.com
POS staking rewards- 999 APR
Maximum supply- 20 billion
POW reward per block: 50 coins
Coinbase maturity: 13 blocks
Target spacing: 1 minute
Target timespan: 1 block
Transaction confirmations: 5 blocks

The staking rates are compounded on daily basis. This is beauty of staking coins where you can easily double your investment.

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Why buy or invest in Legends coin?

The coin is offering to stake at 999 APR which is best in the market and you can double your investment.

The coin is currently listed on Escodex exchange, you can trade it there. They are also planning to release it on some bigger exchanges like crypto-Bridge, Mercentax, Yobit, Coinexchange, Tradesatoshi and Cryptopia

Current supply now is very low now, only 23 million as on 16th August 2018. It is the best early period to enter in the coin.

How to stake 999 APR POS in Legends wallet?

All you have to do is buy coins from pre-ordering and give your wallet address to us. You can get the wallet in Windows and Linux from an official website, once you download the wallet then the next step is to add nodes to it in roaming directory.

Note: Make sure before adding the nodes, you can close the wallet.

add this in the roaming dir:

by creating a file with a name- Legends.conf and save it. You can also get the bootstrap file which will synchronize your wallet faster.from here- Download Legends Bootstrap

Extract the code and replace it in roaming directory by deleting all files except wallet.dat. Once Legends wallet is synchronized then you have to ask legends team to move your coins to the wallet. Keep wallet open for 24x7 and keep staking for months.

In this way, you can synchronize your legends wallet easily and earn money from 999% staking.

Legends coin staking review

I am also staking from Legends coin, you can also check my screenshot provided above. I have 5000 coins now.

I will stake for the next 4-5 months. Here will be my estimated staking results for next 4-5 months

First month- 11,367.39 coins approx
Second month- 25,843.52 approx
Third month- 58,754.69 approx
Fourth month- 133,577.51 approx
Legends staking coin

So, I started with 5000 coins and after 4 months, I have 133577 coins. If I am able to sell all coins at 225 sats then my initial investment of .01 BTC turned into 0.30 BTC.

Legends coin preordering- How to buy Legends coin online

If you want to buy or preorder legends coin, you can buy through us, we can also provide you with 5% Bonus on this( limited time offer). Current preordering price for this coin is 225 sats.

All you have to do is to message us on discord- MARK_1337

You can also join Legends discord from here- Join discord here

Legends coin is also offering some refer program, where you will get bounty bonus to refer others. So, please share it others.

0.2 btc 10% bonus , 0.4 btc 15% bonus, 1 btc 25% "bonus" ( Limited time deal, may end anytime without further notice)

This coin has a purpose of 999% POS staking. So, you can easily 2x your investment in 30 days with staking.

Verdict- I personally suggest investors invest in this coin. I hope you like reading an article on Legends coin preordering and review.

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