Tigra TIGC coin review with 1500% POS Proof of staking, low supply

Every day, new POS proof of stake launched in the market. One such coin is already offering high staking rate i.e. up to 1500% proof of stake. Yes, you heard right.

Tigra TIGC coin review with 1500% POS coin

Tigra TIGC POS coin is providing up to 1500% stake and you can even double or thrice your money easily by investing in this coin. It is a high ROI investment coin which offers high rewards as computed with blocks.

It is well staged POS coin where you can enter it at any time because it started with a minimum of 100% stake and a maximum of 1500% stake. The best thing, why you should give it a try include following-

Tigra TIGC is an open source block chain project with fast transaction speed, enabled with high security. It has very low transaction fee of 0.001 TIGC.

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Tigra TIGC coin specs review-

Tigra TIGC Coin has 5% premine and only 6 hours, it takes to mature coins. The staking rate varies from  100% to 1500%.

Tigra TIGC staking percent is given below-

0 - 20000 100%
20001 - 40000 250%
40001 - 60000 500%
60001 - 80000 750%
80001 - 120000 1000%
120001 - 140000 1250%
140001 - 160000 1500%
160001 - 180000 1000%
180001 - 200000 500%
200001 - end 100%

Current block is in the range of 70000. So, it is offering stakes between 750% as of now, Next stake would be 1000%, it is the best time to buy the coin now because 1000 to 1500% is about to come.

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Here are specs details from Tigra TIGC coin-

Algorithm- Sycrpt
Minimum blocking space- 3 min
Maturity time- 6 hours
POW Rewards- 80 having every 20k
Max supply- 25B
Current supply- 869 million

Why buy Tigra TIGC coin?

The coin is listed with Coinexchange, bitexlive and crex24, Out of them,the majority of volume comes from coinexchange.

Staking rate is high and you can easily twice or thrice your spent money with Tigra coin.
Listed on 3 exchanges, So, the risk factor is less
Active community and participating in events
If you want to buy it, you can directly buy it from this link- Buy Tigra coin

Final verdict- I myself bought the coin and staking it in my wallet, you can check below for staking.

Tigra coin staking

All you have to do is to buy coins, put it in Tigra wallet and open wallet for 24 x 7.

I hope you like reading about Tigra coin.

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