Top Best Bitcoin Wallets to Withdraw Payment to Bank Account

Without bitcoin wallets, you cannot send, receive, or withdraw payment to a bank account. Before you accept your bitcoin, you have to create, download, or purchase bitcoin wallets. Here are best bitcoin wallets to withdraw payment to bank account:

Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets refer to smart cards or small computers created with the exclusive role of producing bitcoin passwords offline. Moreover, the bitcoin hardware wallets safely sign bank transactions in the similar offline atmosphere.

Here are two major hardware wallets you can use to withdraw payment to your bank account:

bitcoin wallets to withdraw payment

Ledger Nano

The hardware wallet is designed using the Ledger Chrome app. Moreover, a random 24-word seed is formed upon setting it up and then supported offline by writing it on a piece of paper.

In case of loss, damage, or theft, the ledger Nano hardware wallet can be retrieved using the seed. A chosen PIN code is consigned to the wallet to safeguard against hacking or physical robbery. Amazingly, you can use the ledger Nano wallet on your Android, computer with GreenBits or Mycelium.


The TREZOR hardware wallet is different from Ledger Nano since it is a tiny computer and the password created offline. Moreover, the Trezor wallet produces a 24-word seed after you set it up. It consists of an inbuilt screen used to display the seed and then copied down when backing it down. The Trezor hardware wallet is an offline device provides extra security because the seed cannot be exhibited on an online tool.

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Online Bitcoin Wallets

The other best bitcoin wallets to withdraw payment to bank account are the online bitcoin wallets. The web wallets preserve your passwords and private keys online, and you can access it using your set password. Some of the online bitcoin wallets used are GreenADdress, an online wallet with its apps available for Android, iOS, and Chrome.

Desktop Wallets

Desktop wallets refer to software wallets, which you can download and install on your PC. Here are two primary desktop wallets available that you can use to withdraw payment to bank account:

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin core is referred to as the official bitcoin wallet to withdraw cash to your bank account even though many people do not use it because of lack of features and slow speed. Conversely, bitcoin core is used to confirm and transmit other types of bitcoin transactions and keeps a copy of the full blockchain. Thus, provides excellent privacy as it does not have to depend on information from external servers. The bitcoin core that is networked through Tor regarded as one of the perfect ways to use your bitcoin Cryptocurrency privately.


Armory is the safest, full-featured, and mature best bitcoin wallet to withdraw payment to a bank account. Conversely, it is sometimes technically threatening to users. Moreover, you are in complete control of all the bitcoin passwords, and you can create a safe offline signing procedure.

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