Top best Pimping dumping trading coins 2018

It has been complete 1 year to me doing trading at website. I have been trading at various exchanges including cryptopia, yobit and binance, bitmap and coinexchange. I love coinexchange because of pimping and dumping coins, they listed.

Why it is easy to pimp and dump coins at

Firstly, pimping and dumping groups looking for coins which are listed only on and then they are looking for their listing on coinmarketcap.

If they are listed on coinmarketcap then chances of pimping and dumping is quite high.

They pick the coin with very low price and less volume which is easy to pump with some BTC. It is easy to 2x or 3x your currency at low price coins.

Top best pimp and dump trading coins 2018

I am observing from last 1 year. So, I am sharing the list of coins which I think is for pimping and dumping.

1. Housing coin

Coin is listed in BTC market with a current price of 3-4 sats, I have even seen that coin at 25 sats sometime before. The coin also provides staking percent. 

Housing coin

Current supply is 120 million only.

2. Crackers coin

Crackers is also listed in BTC market with a current price of 2-3 sats. I have seen Crackers at 35 sats sometime before. It also provides 65% staking, you can also check Crackers coin review from here.

Current supply is 149 million

3. NR1 coin

Nr1 is also listed in BTC market, its current price is 3-4 says, I have seen this coin at 24 sats a few days back. It is also a staking coin.

Current supply is 123 million

4. Superman coin

Superman is also a pimping dumping coin, its current price is at 1-2 sats. It also provides staking percentage

5. Runners coin

Runners also belong to this category of coins which is very easy to manipulate. It is currently at 2-3 sats.

Current supply is 127 million

6. CRMSN coin

CRMSN coin is having an advantage as it is listed with BTC and DOGE market, people can buy and sell the coin at any market. Current price at BTC market is below 1 sats and for Doge market it is 0.00947900

If you buy CRMSN at DOGE market and sell at 1 sats on BTC market then you can easily 2x your currency.

I hope the above information will help you to know more top best pimping and dumping coins of

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