Universal Reward Protocol URP token Review- Rewards to shoppers by Retailers

Universal Reward protocol URP token, which is already creating a buzz in the market due to the concept of rewarding URP tokens to people who shops. Yes, you heard right.

Universal Reward Protocol URP Token review

Have you seen a token where retailer’s rewards tokens to shoppers just to share their data behavior analysis with them like which is their geographical location, which is their mode of payment, which types of ads they like to visit etc…

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Why Universal Reward Protocol URP token is worthy?

Here in URP, retailers reward shoppers with URP tokens for sharing their behavior data or point of sale, previous purchases and geo-location.

Retailers make personalized and exclusive offers based on the data shared by the shopper.

The model is based on blockchain technology. Thus, data security and transparency comes thereafter. URP is a Blockchain based ecosystem where shoppers have full control of data they are sharing( they can also take care of their privacy when enjoying any personalized offers.

Along with Blockchain, it also leverages Artificial Intelligence ( AI) and IoT technology and transforming the ecosystem of loyalty programs and reward points.

Tokens can be earned by interacting with retailers.

Every token is run by the community and team of developers. URP is backed by a team of 10+ blockchain developers, data scientists, advisors, and retail experts. Moreover, the token has a real use case.

You can even check the Telegram community which is about to reach 10k Mark soon. The community is quite active on the telegram.

URP token team already sent 40000 customized offers and out of them, they make uplift conversion rate of 47% which is very high as per market standards.

Final Verdict- I personally believe, it is worthy to buy URP token. The concept is really fascinating to me. Retailers after getting the data, refined it to make it more pleasant for shoppers to shop easily. Thus, it increases the overall user experience of shoppers.

At the same time, Universal Record Protocol URP will become more diversifying in market circulation through personalized offers from retailers

How Universal Reward Protocol URP Token works?

URP token in implemented in Blockchain technology where each reward operation is handled through smart contracts. Retailers here can create new loyalty token campaigns by filling the form.

URP Token review

It is beautifully explained in this example, As already stated that URP is leveraging with IoT as well. The retailer created a reward system where the shopper has to come to store thrice a week, Thus IoT sensors sense it and shoppers get their rewards.

It also include an Universal Digital wallet for shoppers to query the rewards network for loyalty points and redemption contracts. By using this, shoppers can check URP balance and even can change some settings as per their requirement.

Reatilers can redeem these tokens through personalized offers,the token can only be exchanged for goods and services or through customized offers. The redemption offers can be raised for shoppers keeping in mind their need and desire and what data they choose to share with the network.

Universal Reward Protocol URP Token live offers

The company already collaborated with some retailers. Thus, it is available and live at these stores-
  • Auchan
  • CarreFour
  • Galeries Lafayette

You can invest and check URP token and its roadmap by visiting the company website- https://rewardprotocol.com/

You can also join the Telegram group of URP from here- URP Telegram group

I hope you like reading on Universal Reward Protocol URP token.

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