Wono Token Review-Sharing, rentals and earning environment powered by Blockchain

An amazing token is knocking our doors, it is known as Wono Token. The token is all about sharing what you have, In return get what you want. Yes, you heard right, Wono token is peer to peer decentralized platform where you can exchange properties and services

Wono Token Review-Exchanging and sharing services and properties

Wono is powered by Blockchain technology, it is peer to peer platform for the exchange of properties and other services, it is based on Ethereum network and interplanetary file system, users can directly interact with each other without any third party interference.

Why Wono Token is required?

It is offering a reliable environment for rentals, sharing and exchanges properties via to Wono tokens. It is Independent platform which acts as a bridge between real world and cryptocurrency world, where users can exchange assets, subscriptions, exchange gym memberships and rent out cars, real estate, and other so many services.

wono token review

Services which involve middleman and third-party interactions will be removed now. It eliminates the need for a middleman. It provides a new level of digital transparency where every transaction deal is transparent between parties.

Some transactions are restricted because of difference in geographical locations. Now, no need to worry, you can share anything at low transaction cost, regardless of any location.

There are so many sharing services, which are pretty hot in includes Transportation, Finance, Goods, software, accommodation, digital entertainment etc. It is a platform for such services. Like so many people want to share their Netflix accounts, now, they can easily share it with Wono tokens.

Overall operational and currency exchange fee is very nominal. Thus, it reduces travel, business and any other types of expenses.

How Wono Token works?

Wono is implemented in Blockchain technology especially on Ethereum network and interplanetary file system. Wono token is a utility based token on Er20 standard, used for transactions among community members.

It offers a safe and secure environment which is driven by the community. Anyone from the community can help each other to solve the disputes if any.

You can ensure deals and earn from it. The reviews, ratings, and feedbacks are transparent here.

Wono Token specifications

Token name- Wano
Wono price- .5 USD
Blockchain network- Eethereum
Wono Total supply- 79166667
Tokens available for sale- 47500000
Soft cap- 5000000 USD
Hard cap- 20000000 USD
Pre ICO- 11th Aug 2018
ICO- 3rd September

Wono token distribution process
Wono token is a utility based token which is having a total supply of 79.1 million, token supply is distributed as follows-

wono token distribution process
Team, advisors, and developers are all experienced, you can visit the website and check their LinkedIn profile to know more about the team.

Final Verdict- It is an experience of team, which is matter at the end of day. Moreover, support of community is also mandatory; here community is quite active, you can check telegram community from here- https://telegram.im/@wonoworld

Where to buy Wono Token?

You can now buy the Wono token easily but before that, I suggest you read the whitepaper.

Here is whitepaper for Wono Project- https://wono.io/assets/content/en/wp.pdf

You can buy wono tokens from here- https://wono.io/

I hope you love reading an article on Wono token review.

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