Bizshake BZS Token Review- P2P Sharing ecosystem on NEO Blockchain

Sharing renting or leasing property is quite difficult especially when it comes to people whom you actually don’t know or haven’t dealt with. This is usually because of the existence of fear and trust with people whom you are not aware of. In fact, not most companies are willing to venture into business which involves renting or sharing properties because they are aware of the risks that are available. Bizshakes comes to solve all problems in renting property. 

Bizshake token review

Bizshake BZS Token Review- P2P Sharing ecosystem on NEO blockchain

Bizshake platform is designed to change the whole concept of fear and mistrust in sharing and renting of property to unknown people. With Blockchain technology, Bizshake will help ensure that transactions are made to the trustworthy parties and also greatly reduce transfer fees.

Let’s see how it happens.
All lies in the Blockchain technology. By use of the Blockchain, all transactions will be recorded and it will be possible to tell what transactions a party has carried out. The records are very important since the new parties transacting will be able to know the credibility of each party transacting by a look at its previous records.

The Blockchain technology will also help in cutting all intermediaries in the renting of property and in the payment process. With all this, its evidently clear that the blockchain technology will increases transparency in the process and also reduce the costs required in transacting when renting or leasing.

Bizshake uses the NEO Blockchain. But why NEO Blockchain?

NEO Blockchain has several advantages over other smart contracts platforms.

For one, Neo is scalable in that it is capable of handling 1000 transactions per second. This is expected to increase to 100,000 transactions per second by the year 2020.

The second thing is algorithm used to execute the Blockchain generation. Neo uses the delegated byzantine Fault tolerance for the creation of new blocks for the Blockchain. With this algorithm there will be no need for mining.

One good thing about Bizshake is the AI algorithm. With the AI algorithm, the user’s credibility will be measured based on the transactions they have done. The artificial intelligence algorithm will calculate the level of user’s credibility which will not include government data and finance companies. This will overcome any issues to do with fraud and bad experiences with the first time users of the platform.

In addition to all this Bizshake has enabled peer-to-peer dialogue and asset verification and certification. Peer-to-peer dialogue is important since the users will agree and share their ideas concerning various users of the platform. This will practically create a community in the platform with the same interest and therefore boost the whole Bizshake concept.

Asset verification will be through a qualified certified user who will help a certain that the owner of a specific asset and therefore grant its authenticity to the rest of the Bizshake community.

In every business disputes are bound to arise, Bizshake has ensured that in case of such circumstances the arbiters in position will help determine what penalties to award to who and why. The arbiters will, on the other hand, earn a small fee for their decisions.

The concept of Tokenization will ensure that transactions will take place through Bizshake token which is powered by NEO Blockchain. In order to know about Bizshake BZS ICO or token, you need visit here- Bizshake website

The total supply of BZS token is 100 Million. You can also read the whitepaper from here- Bizshake whitepaper
With all this measures in place Bizshake is expected to be the future platform in the renting and leasing industry. I hope you like reading an article on Bizshake BZS token review.

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