BZx network token review- Safe lending and margin trading, powered by Blockchain

The risk to lose one's assets is a thing that has always jeopardized many investors who are willing to lend to borrowers for interest. However, with bZx this now will be a thing of the past. What is bZx? How will it revolutionize decentralized margin trading? Among many such questions will be answered by this article as we review the Bzx project.

BZx is a fully decentralized protocol for peer to peer margin funding and trading. bZx has composed of a bzx.js Library a BZx portal and BZx smart contracts.

The library contains all the functions you need for interaction with the smart contracts. The library can also be used to for integration and to develop the protocol for bZx. The software developers mainly do this.

The portal

This is a decentralized application for the bZx protocol. It can use the library and serve as the web platform for users looking for trading or being lent. There will be no special requirements needed for one to use the portal for trading or even lending, making it more convenient for the users who are not doing relays or exchanges.

The portal for BZx will be available in four parts.

The first one will be lenders and the traders for making a loan or taking loan orders.

The second section will be for the trader to manage his loans. This will be after the loan is issued out. This will include the dates for opening and closing trades.

The third section will now be for the lender to manage his funds to the ones he has lent out to. This will include things like reviewing how their loans are being put into use and asking for an interest.

The fourth section will be for hunters who will be managing open trades. They will ensure that they oversee the margin liquidation and liquidate it if the need arises.

Smart contracts

Bzx contracts are smart contracts which will ensure that margin lending, opening and that ERC-20 token gets liquefied. They act as a point for the record for the transactions happening for the smart contracts. One great thing about the development of the smart contracts is the care that was taken to ensure that no future disruptions. You can learn more about the smart contracts by viewing the whitepaper, you can access the whitepaper from here-

Let's take a brief look at the integration of oracles in bZx project.

BZx has created an oracle marketplace which will allow the users to choose the best trade-offs which suite them. With competitions of the Oracle providers, the fees will be expected to be lowered as more interest is focused on quality. You can also get to read more on the bZx oracle by viewing their whitepaper for a detailed explanation.

With the current bZx project it is now clear that earning from one's assets will be easier and even safer. Bzx surely holds the future to decentralized margin lending.

Get to visit bZx website at and discover more about the network. Moreover, you can buy and preorder the BZx tokens from the website.

I hope you like reading on BZx network token review.

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