Datum DAT token Review- Monetize with Blockchain Data storage

Datum DAT token review- We have heard instances that personal data is sold by social media sites for money. Sites such as LinkedIn yahoo and google get collect information with nothing in return to their users. However, that is not the case with Datum. Wondering what this Datum is? This article is bringing you an overview of what datum is and why it will be the future of revenue generation through personal data.

What is Datum?

Datum is a platform that allows one to store data securely in a smart contract blockchain in a decentralized manner. Fast decentralization of data ensures that data is more secure on smart contract blockchain. 

Datum DAT token reviews

With datum, you now have the chance to gain back control of your own data. Datum allows you and gives youth the power to choose whether to share your own personal data or monetize it for a revenue. Here are the key elements that will be used by Datum to ensure that the whole project is a success.


Users will be required to submit data either personal or business data for collection to a datum. This is what will give them revenue in the project. It will be all voluntary with respect to the terms and conditions underlined in the policy document.

Fast decentralized data storage

This will run on smart contract blockchain to ensure that the user’s data is securely stored. Security of personal data is key in Datum.

Datum Token

This is a token that will be awarded by Datum. This will ensure that the users monetize their data by using the token rewards awarded by the datum.

Data consumers

Research companies individuals or any entity that wishes to gain access to user data. They will be a major source of revenue for the whole project.

So let’s see how this project will be a success to Datum and the many users out there willing to generate revenue income from their data.

The aim of Datum is to provide research companies or individuals with data they require as they carry out their research or whatever way they intend to use the data. This will, of course, be in respect of the user’s terms and conditions. The data will be sold to the companies for a fee that will be passed on to the users. 

However, the data submitted to the platform will need to be verified. This will ensure that no fake data is submitted to the platform. Datum will implement a system of data validation to ensure that data trust ranks high for all users.

Datum DAT Token

DAT is the token that will be issued by Datum. It will be exchanged after the participation of various users in the platform. Users will get rewards from the token for their data sold to the research companies and entities that require personal data.

The whole project is expected to see Datum grow in a vibrant data marketplace and in turn revolutionize the market for data. This also will change the norm that the data creators are rarely or never rewarded for their data by the data collectors.

Total supply of DAT tokens is 3 Billion, You can buy and preorder Datum DAT token from here- https://datum.org/

You can even access whitepaper from here- https://datum.org/assets/Datum-WhitePaper.pdf

Datum is surely the future in personal data monetization and the future in data markets.

I hope you like reading an article on Datum DAT token review.

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