Hoard token review- Secure Banking with Blockchain Technology

Hoard token review- It is evident that people are slowly turning away from the traditional banking systems to the digital financial services offered by the crypto technologies. Mainly because the traditional banking system seems to be more focused on the process itself rather than speed and efficiency in their services.

However, the adoption of digital and financial services has been quite a challenge to many due to how complex and difficult the crypto world seems to understand. The blockchain technology has even made the processes seem to be so complicated to encourage consumer adoption. A solution is, therefore, necessary to ensure that digital banking becomes easy and acceptable to everyone. We will discuss why Hoard seems to be the solution to this among many other problems in cryptocurrency management and banking. 

Hoard token review

What is hoard in the first place?

Hoard is a Blockchain wallet which is made to make cryptocurrency management trading and investing easier and from only one platform. Hoard aims at simplifying the crypto commerce in the eyes of the users. With its wallet, customers will now be able to trade, track and invest in cryptocurrencies since it will be from one platform.

Hoard will ensure that it reengineers the consumer’s view of cryptocurrency by use of the Smaug Protocol.

You can imagine making payments for any of your favorite fast foods using bitcoin. The amount of time you can use to make a single transaction for the payment to be validated. Hoard will solve this by ensuring it eliminates the need of centralized confirmation parties for the transaction by providing an instant mechanism for exchange by use of the smaug protocol.

Smaug ensures instant payments on any cryptocurrency which ensures that customers can efficiently make transactions. Smaug will also ensure that swiping holdings are made instant at transactions. This will ensure you have the same purchasing power even if you have a different cryptocurrency than the one required for a specific product.

Oracles and master nodes in the smaug network

In order to provide transparent auditing Hoard will provide oracles to examine and give information about the blockchains and tokens.

Masternodes will ensure that Hoard provides off chain capabilities and direct smart contract. You can get more of the masternodes and hoard oracles from Hoard whitepaper. You can get the whitepaper from here- https://token.hoardinvest.com/whitepaper.pdf

Cryptocurrency exchange

Hoard is building an independent platform for cryptocurrency exchange. This will be through a partnership with a premium exchange to introduce markets for exchanges on their platform. By this, the merchants will be able to do exchanges of any cryptocurrency within the platform.

This will ensure that the ideology of trading with limited pairs of cryptocurrency is eliminated. This will also ensure that investments are made possible and easier through the fiat currency to any crypto as we have seen above. The payments will begin with the USD. Other international currencies will be allowed as progress in the project is made.

One major development is the fiat withdrawal. Users will be able to connect their banks directly for direct cash outs to their accounts. The good thing is that the whole system will be made secure as the withdrawal will require multiple signatures and a maximum of 48 hours for additional identity checks.

Total Hoard token allocation is 200 Million, Make a point of visiting hoards website to buy, preorder and discover more on the project by from here- https://www.hoardinvest.com/

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