Injii IAC token review- Online Streaming platform for social cause

Ever been in a situation that you need to raise some funds, be it for medical purposes or any other project? Well, what you may have noted is that you will still need money to raise the funds you require. However, with Injii you don’t need to use funds to raise funds. This article will give a review on Injii and give you a reason why you should consider using Injii for your live streams and charity works. So … let’s get to the nitty-gritty. 

What is Injii?

Injii is an existing media platform that exhibits an artist’s content to help advance charity and generate revenue. Injii reduces the cost that is required to raise funds by connecting charities with its content creators by use of an openly sourced broadcast to connect, interact and help the users to donate funds. 

Injii coin token

How does Injii work?

By use of an open broadcast, Injii offers a platform where all viewers from all over the world can watch an online broadcast together as it is in real time. With the common streaming platforms, content creators get paid because of the traffic they cause to the site and ad spots. However not at all times they get to be rewarded well for their content. Injii is quite different from the other sites. It works by rewarding its content creators with its injii Access Coin. 

Injii Access coin

Injii access coin is a digital token that integrated with the blockchain technology for rewarding the content creators in the Injii community. The coin is based on the ERC-223 Ethereum Network Complaint token. This is quite advantageous since it’s easier to use and has improved security features, unlike the ERC-20. Users get to earn the coin by just streaming the content casting a vote and referring the site to other viewers.

So, what’s the use of the IAC (Injii Acess Coin)?

As a user or a content creator, you will be able to redeem the coin by visiting the injii marketplace. The marketplace will be offering a wide variety of offers for the coins such as merchandise, sporting events, festivals and much more. On the other hand, the content creators will earn Injii Access coin as well as the Ad share revenue for their content on the platform. The content on the platform will be rated publicly by the notable streams as well as the votes casted. Quality is key since this is what will draw the users to view the content.

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Injii IAC token used in Charity

Injii values donation. And due to this, the platform doesn’t charge charities as they raise funds in the platform, something which is contrary with most live streaming platforms. Injii is built in such a way, that it can be used for charity through optional donations. This makes Injii a good example of platforms which are devoted to the social good and impacting positive changes in the lives of many. Injii also has partnered with many companies to facilitate the use of the AIC directly. Partnering directly with companies makes the coin even more useful for charity.

I hope you like reading on Injii IAC token review.

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