Talentsnap TSC Token review- Automate the Hiring process with AI and Blockchain

Talentsnap TSC token review- Have you ever been in a hiring panel or an interview? Well, you must agree with me that the hiring process is always a rigorous, exhaustive and expensive process. At times even it might be inefficient once the wrong people get hired. Over the years we have seen little innovation in the hiring process in job boards and hiring desks. There is, therefore, a need to revolutionize the whole system to develop a more efficient, time saving and inexpensive process when it comes to hiring. Talentsnap has built a platform that automates the hiring process. 

Talentsnap token reviews

Let’s see how the platform works-

With the use of artificial intelligence technology, Talentsnap has a zero-knowledge proof technology that ensures that the hiring becomes more digitalized than ever before. Talentsnap is found on three pillars; these are blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and now the website platform. Let's look at each one of them.

Blockchain Technology

Despite the security and efforts made in platforms such as linked, they are still vulnerable to attack from human threats. However, Talentsnap is working on a decentralized peer to peer platform which will be built on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum blockchain will allow the data to be decentralized to various nodes in the hands of the users. This will in turn reduce the potential hazards of information lose and data failure due to centralized databases.

Blockchain technology will ensure that ownership and control of data remain solely in the hands of Talentsnap, this will allow candidates to share information and in turn get rewarded some Talentsnap tokens.

Etherium blockchain is seen as an advantage because it has more developers than other developers which ensure that ethereum remains scalable to its environment.

Artificial intelligence

The zero-knowledge proof will ensure that the process of hiring becomes automated for both the employee and the employer. With the AI models Talentsnap, as a potential employee, you will not have to send your data, Talentsnap will only send the AI model to you and you run your data on the model and you are done. After running your data on the model the potential employer now gets to have a look at your data to consider you for the hire.


The Talentsnap platform will be a platform where all the users meet together in search of people to hire or in search of people hiring. As this process happens all the users will get to be rewarded with Talentsnap tokens.

Let’s now take a look at Talentsnap tokens.

TCS tokens

Having in mind that getting to reward the users with Yen Euro’s or USD is not the solution Talentsnap has created Talentsnap TSC tokens. TSC tokens (Talentsnap tokens) will be acquired as the hiring process takes place. Talentsnap utility token will be used to improve the hiring process and the individuals or their companies. The utility token will provide a future access to the products that will be awarded by Talentsnap.

242 million TSC token supply is available for sale, You can buy or preorder about Talentsnap tokens from here- https://talentsnap.co/

Moreover, get access to the whitepaper from here- https://talentsnap.co/whitepaper.pdf

Talentsnap is surely the next global hiring system where everyone will be able to connect with each other and get the skills or the job one is looking for.

I hope you like reading Talentsnap TSC token review.

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