Vibeo VBEO Token review- Instant messaging app powered by Blockchain

If you think you have the best messaging application, then you haven’t met Vibeo. But what is Vibeo and why is it the best messaging platform? This many other questions regarding the Vibeo project will be answered in the article below. Moreover, you can also know Vibeo token review as well.

What is Vibeo?

Vibeo is aiming at building a messaging platform that will give you the access you require to the world’s blockchain economy. This will be an instant, complete and most advanced messaging application build to provide access to the blockchain community. This will create a community where traders will be receiving payments safely through the application. The users of the app will also have the ability to carry out financial exchanges and interact with the customers which will, in turn, create a strong community around the blockchain.

Vibeo VBEO token review

The application will have a map location feature that will help one to recognize a fully decentralized economy by helping you find traders in your area so that you can choose to trade with them. The application also includes very important security features to ensure that the whole application ensures security while dealing with other users and when trading. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty and see how the application will be working.

Being a messaging application for the blockchain, community users will be able to receive tokens to their e-wallets and do the necessary exchanges with the community of other users in the application. Not forgetting that Vibeo is a communication app, it will give more additional features to the common messaging apps such as location features to offer travel updates to its users. Let’s take a quick look at the Vibeo messaging app itself.

Vibeo app

The vibeo application is currently available on the google play store. Currently, it exists at the version 3.1. However, the building of the e-wallet and the location feature for the application is currently underway and will be available at the end of this year (2018)

The User interface

Below is a description to give you a picture of how the application looks like.

Upon launching the app the user will have to register or login to an existing Vibeo account. When it comes to interacting with other users there are two ways in which that will be done. One is to slide where a range of options from calling video calls and tokens will be displayed. The second option is to click on the person you wish to interact with and options will appear from video calling viewing one's timeline, adding one to a particular group among other options. What is the timeline in Vibeo application?

The timeline is the user’s interface that gives services of a mini blog for the user to upload videos, pictures and any text wished.


Vibeo has won big when it comes to styling the chat feature, the discussion area and calling option. The discussion area is well consolidated to a nice cool-looking bubble, displaying the contacts picture and text inside. The application also has cool and warm colors to allow a much tender feeling on the user’s eyes to ensure that long discussions are made as comfortable as possible.

The calling option displays a characteristic wave effect around the contacts picture as the user is being awaited to pick the call.

One thing that we can thank Vibeo with is the ability to login to your account with another device. Some messaging applications are known to be restricted to only one device but with Vibeo you have the freedom to log in using more than one device. 

Vibeo VBEO token review

The map and trip features

Being able to share your location when you are traveling and access to an interactive map is a great achievement for Vibeo. I believe it’s safer when your relatives are aware of your exact location and coordinates when you are out traveling. This is what Vibeo allows you to do. The application can send the actual location of the user to selected individuals or groups after specific time intervals.

The interactive app gives you the member’s location and the nearest points on the map to find friends from a particular location.

You are also capable to view the user’s location. It is much advanced such that you can note when the person is walking moving or when there is a problem (when the alert button is pressed).

Vibeo Wallet

The wallet allows you to transfer currencies from ones personal wallet to the Vibeo wallet. After that, the user can now send the crypto and even to any user pay for items.

We surely can’t exhaust all about Vibeo by a single article. Get to discover more by about Vibeo by reading Vibeo’s white paper from here-

Total supply of tokens is 950 Million, discover more about the buy and preorder of Vibeo tokens by here-

Vibeo is the future of blockchain powered messaging. I hope you like reading an article on Vibeo VBEO token messaging app.

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